diverse ray.

Aroma-Therapy & Guided Massage
Intuitively blended essential oils for your health and well-being. An intuitively, flowing massage specific to each individual.

Body Alignment, Kinergetics, Philantropic and Specialized Kinesiology
Guided by the individual's higher self - using vibrational energy to heal by clearing the body at a cellular and sub-conscious level.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
A gentle, hands-on healing to enhance the functioning of the central nervous system by releasing restrictions. CST is increasingly being used as a preventive health measure.

Crystal & Intuitive Healing
Guided by the higher self and the use of crystals or gemstones to deliver "spiritual" energy to the body. Crystals are used to heal and restore balance in the body by clearing negative energy by their unique vibrational energy, working with the Chakras and auric bodies to bring about healing.

Distance Healing
Distance healing is conducted similar to that of in-person healing sessions. The session is done by connecting with the person on an energetic level, then sensing their energy and emotions through "pyschic insight". Healing energy is then sent to the person, along with messages, colors and prayers - the distance healing session is just as powerful as hands-on healing. So, when distance, time, illness, age or circumstances prevent an in-person session opt in for the same benefits and experiences through distance healing.

Energy Clearing Consultations
Space clearing consultations for homes and businesses - clearing, stabilizing and balancing energies in and around the locations can positively impact the residents as the environment and individuals are closely connected and can affect one another. Residents experience a greater sense of balance and harmony with the removal of negative energies there will be a noticeable reduction of stress, tension or any other negative feelings and/or emotions.

Taught by one of the greatest healers on this Earth, this style of reflexology is incredibly special and gentle. Massaging and light pressure of specific zones on the feet, which relate to zones or parts of the body - this is an extremely soothing and relaxing therapy.

Reiki Healing
Intuitively guided traditional Usui Reiki - energetic healing modality that helps in the reduction of stress and promotes relaxation.

Intuitvely guided vinyasa and ashtanga Yoga - offering private and semi-private sessions.